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Your thoughts on having too much knowledge and not enough gumption were at once amusing and enlightening - M. Khan
Great speech and very inspiring – G. Corke
I will share your words with my teenage son. I enjoyed your speech very much! – V. Markovska
Very positive and encouraging – J. Lee
Smashing speech! Keep on! – M McColl
Invigorating, exciting, felt like electricity running through my veins! – B. Heffernan
You gave me a different outlook and attitude! – D. Markham


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August 05, 2012

Alan Frew knows how you might feel about his song, the one that took control of Canadian television broadcasts at the Vancouver Olympics two years ago, and the one that is doing the same from London this summer.

Frew, a five-time Juno Award winner, has already been through it as the frontman for the band Glass Tiger. So he knows some Canadians might be fatigued with the Olympic anthem he co-wrote - the ever-present I Believe. "Any hit song suffers some sort of backlash," he said. "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) is a beloved, classic pop song


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